Vouch is capable to be deployed in "Cloud". A cloud based solution is fast becoming a de-facto standard for computing. In fact, it is extremely inefficient to limit yourself to the boundaries of business premises. Cloud lets the establishment to manage business operations practically from anywhere in the world.


Extremely easy to setup and deploy ( it won't take more then half an hour from deployment to accessing through a client ).
Extreme security features to let you feel at ease ( client machine bindings, client machine + users-bindings, server-access passwords, client expiration dates, etc, on top of time-tested Vouch's log-in mechanism ).
Extremely low consumption of bandwidth ( client keystrokes to server, application screen as buffer to client, again a highly secured  ).
Extremely powerful encryption protocol between client and server communication ( Blowfish with 448 bits key and 64 bits cypher with full 16 rounds - known to be unbroken till date ).
Providing a platform to keep away business data files from casual access, prone to accidental deletion or deliberate manipulation.
Capable of running on low-bandwidth networks.
Offers VouchMobile client ( Android ) with limited view-only functionality to look at Vouch data collected via many Vouch objects ( Reports, Filters, Consolidations, Financial Statements, Data pulled via Programs, etc ). This enables you with an excellent decision-making tool usable anywhere you are with your mobile.
This section will describe the buiding blocks how VouchCloud works.How It Works

1. Install Vouch on a machine, we will call it a "Server",  which is accessible through an IP address.

2. Configure Vouch on the Server, create users, etc. as you would do in a regular network environments.

3. Collect "Client Logs" from the client machines, which are identified to access Vouch on the Server, by executing VouchCloud Client on those machines. click here for details.

4. Populate Client Logs in "Vouch Cloud Keys" module on the Server, generate corresponding Client Key, copy generated Client Key on the designated Client Machine. Click here for details.

5. Generate "VouchCloud Server Info" on the Server, and UP the VouchCloud Server. Click here for details.

6. Execute VouchCloud Client on the client machine, and that's it.

7. Enjoy working on Vouch on the client machine as if you were working on the desktop.

This section will describe the security features in VouchCloud.Security

Client-Server Communication

VouchCloud implements a proprietary protocol of communication where, beside employing a industry-standard encryption of Server-to-Client transmission, no-data is transferred whatsoever until a print request is initiated by the client. Client-to-Server bound traffic is mainly comprised of mouse and keyboard strokes and Server-to-Client traffic is screen pixels. This ensures a highest standard of security,


Client-Server Bindings

VouchCloud implements a dynamic and flexible, still utmost secure, client and server bindings mechanism:


Server is bound to the machine where it is installed. This means all client keys created on this server can access this-and-only-this server machine. If VouchCloud is deployed on some other machine, and is tried to be accessed by a key generated on other machine, will be voided. No two VouchCloud installations can interchange their client keys.
Client can be bound to a specific machine. This means a key generated for a machine will be workable from that machine only. Such key cannot be used from any other machine.
Client can be bound to a specific machine along-with one or some Vouch users. This means only specified Vouch user(s) can login from that machine. This is usually important where concept of registers is employed and cash collections are needed to be accountable to an associate.
Client key itself contains all other necessary information required to connect with the server. This means client user does not have any clue as to where he is connecting. This means physical data visibility is hidden to the Vouch user, a big plus to ensure data security.
This section will describe the security features in VouchCloud.Benefits
The foremost benefit of deploying VouchCloud is the security of physical data access, which is prone to mis-handling. VouchCloud can be deployed on a trusted secure environment with all the modern backup and redundancy protocols in place, like Amazon or IBM cloud services, which ensure a highest degree of data availability, which cannot be imagined with in-house environment.
The next biggest benefit is the data accessibility, practically from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is the availability of an internet connection. This raises the barrier in decision making plus flexibility of managing day-to-day business operations. Accessibility on demand ! Well, you all know what does it mean...
And not the least, consolidation of distributed networks into one deployment. Think... many of you will be having this issue.
This section will describe the security features in VouchCloud.Limitations

The only one, though I might be wrong, that you may not enjoy all the fabulous and unique GUI interface of Vouch powered with multi-threaded multi-windows. This does not mean that you will not enjoy the beautiful layout and all the pleasing color combination. Many of Vouch users still prefer to work with single-window character oriented design.

What is contained in VouchCloud Client Distro

VouchClient is provided as a .zip making it extremely easy to carry around. VouchClient can be executed directly from the .zip archive. You will only need to rezip it after obtaining a .key from the Vouch Administrator and placing it by-side with VouchCli.exe. This gives you another protection level, as you can zip the files in a password protected zip archive.VouchClient is a collection of following files:


VouchCli.exe              Executable to be run on client machine.



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