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Main Top-bar Menu
Drop-down Popup Menus


The menu-system employed by any application is considered its back-bone. The more intuitive and easy-to-follow it is, the more efficiency can be expected from the human-resources. Vouch offers a menu-system based on sections of business activities. It confirms to the standard whereas main-menu resides on the top-row of the screen and actions are displayed in vertical popups. Let us have a deep view:


Main Top-Bar Menu        



Drop Down Popup Menus        




There are few fundamental differences between standard Windows menus and Vouch menus:


1.Windows menus can be activated with Alt+hilighted key, whereas Vouch menus only with hilighted key.
2.Previous Windows menu is closed and the other opened in one step if another option is clicked, whereas Vouch requires two clicks to accomplish same task.
3.Sub-menu is automatically opened whenever mouse is hover over a prompt, but in Vouch you are to explicitly click on the prompt to activate sub-menu.
4.Whether a prompt contains another menu is indicated by a mark on the right side of the prompt in Windows menus, whereas in Vouch it is indicated by surrounding angled brackets.



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