VouchVisualizer is a mechanism to view the graphical representation of various business facts based on the coordinates of a map behind such visualization. The interface can be used for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, 1) track vehicular position of each vehicle, 2) track movement of manufactured items on the assembly line, 3) track movement of people while on-duty, 4) track deliveries or any such activity, 5) stocktaking at remote warehouses, etc.


The interface provides active and passive protocols. By ACTIVE protocol means Vouch is controlling the visualization based on parameters assigned by the implementors. By PASSIVE means, visualization is controlled by the person who is in control of the visual at a given movement.


The object is only available on VouchCloud and on Android clients. Apple's iOS integration is under development.


The object will be released for production use sometime in mid 2015 and will attract additional licensing.


Below are some screen shots depicting the various visual elements when a sequence of plotting objects and then playing with its properties is captured ( Client: Galaxy S-II ) :


Screen Shots of few Completed Processes - Android Devices







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