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2014-12-25 12:14 UTC-0800 Pritpal Bedi (

 ! Fixed: Auto Printing - General Ledger - Was blanking first account pages

    corresponding to number of index pages.


 ! Fixed: Report - <Inventory><F10><Stock Status> was overloading previous

    reports data.


 + Added: Any browser can be given a unique name "TRANSACT" under controller

    password which will be active whenever it is invoked first time. The

    order of precedence is "TRANSACT", "DEFAULT", "Vouch Defined".

    A handy feature to protect a working browse by unauthorized modifications.


 + Added: Fields . HB_ORDRB . <Dtl>[ Mobile C 12, Info_1 C 35, Info_2 C 35 ].

 + Added: Fields . G_EMPLOY . <Gen>[ Aadhar C 12, Banker C  8, Name   C 35 ].      

 + Added: Fields . W_EARNER . <Mis>[ Aadhar C 12, Banker C  8, Name   C 35 ].      

 + Changed. VAT related Modules from Vouch defined to local organization.

    Modules added in <Define><Misc Masters><VAT *>.

    Provided F8 key to update the modules from default Vouch defined data.


 + Added: FUNCTION TakeAutoBackup( cDrv, nCom )

    The funnction is intended to be called from within VouchEventizer.

    Note that 2 eventizer instances are free with every package, so take

    use of this powerful offering. Also read below carefully:


    Called from within Vouch_as_a_Service Server as a separate thread

    initiating auto backups at a pre-designated periodicity.

    Note that backup may be inappropriate if other instances of Vouch

    are open. We have to design the backup thread to initiate backup when

    no other instance is logged starting a specified time daily.



 + Changed: Field decimals from 2 to 4 in [PRORDDTL]<Purchase Orders . D>.


 + Many more small changes to improve the performance of Vouch.


 + Introducing: VouchVisualizer.

  For details please visit



2014-04-28 00:01 UTC-0800 Pritpal Bedi (

 2014-04-28 00:01 UTC-0800 Pritpal Bedi (

   ; This commit ready's VouchFree ( 2 Users - Upgradable upto 5 users in 39 months ).  

      Free version is mandatory to register before it can be used. One user

      license is increased every 13 months from the date of initial

      registration if Vouch is in use continuously and a request is sent

      to this effect. This you can consider a loyality bonus. Other bonuses

      may arrive as and when deemed necessary.


      The complete details of the registration process can be noted at Free version also comes with some restrictions.

      To learn more about it comprehensively please visit


      Today, I am glad that I am discharging my civic responsibility.



   + Fixed: VisualDocuments protocol was causing delays in printing simultaneously

      from two working stations even when both stations were having their own

      separate printers.


    + Added: V32PPdf417(), V32PQrCode(), V32PDataMatrix(), V32PVouchImage()


   + Perfected: VouchRegistration protocol. Changed sequence of registration

      validating user's email address before mailing any registration details.


   + Added: functionality to attach VouchDrill objects executable through <F10 Exec>.

      Defininig is available via <More><Module><Attach <VouchDrill Object> with <F10 Exec>.


   + Implemented: to close Vouch id "X" button is pressed on main Vouch window.

      Vouch will terminate without seeking any confirmation.


   ! Fixed: <Notes> marker be available for console mode also. It was for GUI mode only.


   ! Fixed: Primary key protocol <Dated Serial> now correctly based on year/month/day.

      Before it was based on only month/day. This fixes the issue when January was

      shown before December serials. It also assigns the key unique across all

      financial periods and can be very useful for VoucScan objects.


   + Added: code to manage VouchFree licensing.

      If Vouch is not registered, allow to be used restricted.


   + Setting the user location to MACHINE in VouchCloud implementation.


   ! Changes for Vouch Text Editor on VouchCloud, yet not satisfactory, will

      be worked later. [TOBE].


   ! Disconnect connection immediately when "X" is pressed on cloud clients.

      A very important fix.


   ! Fixed to correctly determine if a Report/Program/Drill is attached with <F10 Exec>.


   + Added: comprehensive code to manage VocuhRegistration protocol.


   ! Fixed: to manage AUDITING properly.


2013-01-13 21:30 UTC-0800 Pritpal Bedi (

2013-01-13 21:30 UTC-0800 Pritpal Bedi (

    ! Fixed: recognizing printer by port set through ALT_Y.

       Was not working to direct printing to local computer when Vouch 

       was accessed by a session of Windows Terminal Services (RDP). 


    ! Fixed: destruction of OLE object which was causing GPF on exit 

       if VouchLabels interface was invoked either for design or printing.


    + Added: 4th parameter <bFor> to function 

       VArrayConsolidate( d_, ele_, add_, bFor )


    % Changed: behavior of key press <ESCape> while in transaction. 

       Now it explicitly open the confirmation dialog. Before confirmation 

       request was controlled by ALT_Y switch.


    ! Fixed: disappearing transactional browser's grid lines.

       Was a long-standing bug.


    ! Fixed: transactional browser was eating keyboard strokes 

       (a.k.a. barcode reader input ) in certain situations.

       This fix only pertains to Vouch standard. Behavior in VouchCloud 

       will remain the same for security reasons.


    ! Fixed: execution of expression defined for ALT_F7 via CTRL_F7.

    + Added: following option in <F10 More> menu of browsers.

       'Build Drill-Down                           Ctrl_L'

       The option activates VouchDrill protocl on current browser.


    + Added: functions VouchExecDrill( cCode ) and VouchBrowseDrill( b ).

       These functions execute the VouchDrill protocol on a module 

       or a browser. Read below.


    ! Fixed: <Delete Expression> option of 

       <Module><More><Module><Attach Expression with Selected Records>.

       Was generating a run-time error.


    + Added: FUNCTION VouchShowMachineInfo()


    % Changed: the behavior to show up indexing gauge only for tables having 

       records more then 500. This was causing a great amount of flicker 

       for new installations where all tables are created and opened blank.


    + Opening: module POS_INVB full screen always.


    ! Fixed: to make Visual Documents to be added to Print Catalog

       which can be defined from <Manage><Objects><Pri...


    ! Fixed: Scanning module compatibility with VouchCloud client.

       Now it works flawlessly. You can scan and view images attached to 

       a module.


    ! Fixed: recognizing printer by port set through ALT_Y.

       Was not working to direct printing to local computer when Vouch 

       was accessed by a session of Windows Terminal Services (RDP). 


    ! Fixed: to calculated room tariff based on mid-noon checkout timing.

       Now it adds one more day if patient is checked-out after 12 noon.


    + Shifted: <Create Controller Password> and <Export Configuration> 

       Options to <Manage><Users><Administrative Options> instead of 

       opening right when supplying CONTROLLER password with ALT_P.





   + Implemented: binding machine(s) only and users (if desired) to access

                  Vouch. Vouch calls it Locations Management.


                  Definition   : <Manage><Users, Groups, Machines><Machines: Bind Users>

                  Collecting Machine Info : <Manage><Users, Groups, Machines><This Machine>


                  TODO: Add user-location info with user-logs.                


   + Implemented: POS ( Point of Sale ) a very lightweight but highly 

                  configurable at single-point. The module also empowers

                  to view images attched to the merchandize item. 

                  Barcode scanner based selection of items is supported.


                  Activation   : <MainMenu><Trading><POS>

                  Configuration: <MainMenu><Trading><Configure POS>


   + Implemented: fully functional VouchScan interface with VouchCloud Client.


   + Implemented: VouchDrill - a mechanism to view data consolidated on 

                  different bases ( levels ) where each level can be 

                  expanded and collapsed at will. This is a killer MIS tool

                  facilitating the audit mechanism to highest levels. 

                  Currenly, VouchDrill can be applied to a module table 

                  or can be applied to an active browser.


                  Module Drills:

                   Definition : <Manage><Objects><VouchDrill Objects>

                   Activation : <Manage><Objects><VouchDrill Objects><F8 Exec>

                                API Call : VouchExecDrill( cDrillCode )


                  Browser Drills:

                   Definition : No pre definition required.

                   Activation : Press <CTRL_L> inside an active browser and 

                                 follow couple of steps:

                                 1. Selet columns to base levels in the desired order.

                                 2. Select columns ( numeric ) to consolidate figures.


                  Reports Drill:

                   Current    : Generate the Report and follow instructions for 

                                 <Browser Drills> as above.

                   Upcoming   : Pre-defined like <Module Drills>.

                                 Generation of Report and preparation of drill in 

                                 one shot.


                  Program Drills:

                   Current    : Collect data in a program, present that in a browser,

                                and follow instructions for <Browser Drills> as above.

                   Upcoming   : Pre-defined like <Module Drills>. 

                                 Execution of Program, collect of data, and preparation 

                                 of drill in one shot.


2013-12-01 19:30 UTC-0800 Pritpal Bedi (

  + Implemented: browser totals by <Alt+T>. If the options are switched on,

     Vouch will ask if the totals be displayed in browser.


  + Reports Generated by Reports Designer have browser totals on 

     if records are less then 5000. You can always force to display 

     them by Alt+T.


  % Changed: the size of console window matching the screen resolution.


  + Added: License of Implementation detials on console window.


  + Implemented: Alt+Z to paste copied bytes when a GET is open in Browsers by F3.


  ! Fixed: F8<Prnt> in labels module now send the job directly to printer instead 

     of opening the editor.


  + Fixed: VouchCloud : ALT+6 : Scanned Images Previewer was not working properly.

     BTW this is the known issue until now. So VouchCloud implementation 

     should be OK now.




  + Removed: vouch/vouchclient folder.

  + Added: containing all necessary files needed for a client machine 

     to connect to VouchCloud Server.




  + Added: to the download area. 


        Vouch distro will always have the latest client and is recommended to be 

        used. Sometimes some client needs its access immediately, so you can refer 

        this url.


  + Added:

      Contains all demo dats in one place. This file will seldom be changed.




  1 All demos now points to one folder - {AppDrive}:/Creative.v15.

  2 All demos have the same encryption level, so entry in one demo will also 

    reflect in another.

  3 All demos organization name is "Demo Organization", this cannot be changed.

  4 Only one organization can be opened.

  5 VouchSerial for all demos is "VOUCH".

  6 All demos contain 5 user VouchCloud perpetual license which will not terminate 

      after 7 minutes of usage, like in regular Vouch.

  7 All demos have 100 records limit.

  8 All demos will be good until the end of this century.

  9 All demos will have 2 instances of events to be fired under VouchEventizer.





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